As we countdown to Christmas, many families are looking for fresh ideas in home decor. Instead of throwing the same old tinsel on your tree this year, start thinking outside the box for a walk through a winter wonderland that is sure to be remembered. WalkingWood Creations provides a variety of rustic wood items, hand crafted and finished to create the perfect holiday decor.


 cross-ornamentUse What You Have
The trend towards Christmas decor is switching from traditional to whimsical. Instead of buying items that can only be used during the holiday season, think about timeless wood decor pieces that can be mixed and matched with other items to create beautiful centerpieces or vignette settings throughout your home. Our small stools and serving trays can add height to your decor, and also create distinction between holiday pieces and your typical home furnishings. These items can be stacked to create rustic elements throughout your home and add a touch of holiday whimsy for all who enter.four-reindeer
Hand Crafted Wood Decor
Many cheap holiday decorations can be found at big box stores throughout the United States. These items will be seen in a plethora of homes throughout the Christmas season. If you want to create an atmosphere that is truly unique, however, look to hand crafted holiday decor that will stand the test of time. Walking Wood Creations are crafted to be passed down through generations, allowing your children to continue traditions that create a wonderful holiday setting for many years to
Don’t Forget the Lights
Not just for the outside anymore, twinkle lights are a great addition to any indoor holiday decor. Whether you are accenting a large jar or highlighting the fresh garland running down your staircase, holiday lighting is key to making your house shine through the Christmas season.sagebrush-lantern-on-tray
Contact us today to learn more about the specific rustic wood decor pieces WalkingWood Creations has for sale. You can also visit us in Canton, TX in The Arbors II at the base of Boardwalk 3 during this season.