When buyers touch and feel one of our specialty wood pieces they experience the quality and luxury of nature. Given the chance, the wood in each creation can tell a strong history, while adding beauty and functionality to your home. We strive to maintain a rustic beauty in each item we sell, but many of our clients do not understand the breadth of the process that goes into creating each of our WalkingWood Creations.glass top tablewwc_0064_BF05 accenttablewwc_0012_mirror

The Picking Process

It all starts with the right wood. We do not go to lumber yards or cut down trees to find the right materials for the pieces we make. Instead, we undergo a process of looking and searching. Many of our materials come from property walks, farmers clearing land, or barns that we deconstruct by hand.

Reclaiming the Past. From this...

Reclaiming the Past. From this…

Often, we find the wood and let it decide exactly what it will be. Because we are not using manufactured wood or commercially available lumber, we never create the same exact piece twice. Instead our products can be seen as art pieces that complement your d├ęcor while also serving a steadfast functionality.raw-found-wood-2raw-foundwood

Drying it Out

While old wood is extremely desirable for beauty, it does take a lot of work and effort to make it fully functional in a modern home. Our wood is all kiln dried to remove any bugs and preserve the quality and appearance. No chemicals are used in this process.

Once dried out, the wood is hand sanded, finished, and conditioned to be smooth and functional, while enhancing the rustic beauty of each piece. This process can take hours of finishing and refinishing. The staining process is also unique, allowing our products to be food safe while repelling water and resisting stains.

sanding-closeup-2ssanding-closeupContact us today to learn more about the specialty wood pieces we create, or to discuss a custom piece that will fit your specific needs. Examples of our work are also available for purchase at The Antique Gallery in north Denton, Texas.