Have you ever marveled at an image of a room in a decorating magazine? Even if you carefully curate the large pieces, you will often find yourself disappointed in the overall esthetic of the room. Why? Designers put a lot of thought into proper lighting, something that is not commonly thought of by the typical home decorator. Most of us have one overhead point of light which does little to diffuse light softly around the room to create an ambient glow.

Using Lamps as Statement Pieces

Lighting dispersed around the room is the best way to achieve an inviting ambiance to your living spaces. But, lamps should be pleasing to look at and fit your décor as well. WalkingWood Creations provides a variety of lamps and lanterns that are fun to decorate with, yet also serve as works of art in your space.

Layering light sources from several points in your room will ensure that you have ample light for tasks, yet provide the alluring glow that you desire. Check your bulbs as well. Many people place high wattage bulbs all around the room. This provides the same stunning light environment as a singular overhead light and actually leads to eye fatigue when trying to complete task oriented activities.

Layer on the Tables

A lamp should never be the only decorative item sitting on your side tables. Think of tableside decorating as an act of layering. You can stack decorative books or add picture frames for a family friendly, lived-in touch. If you are going for a more styled look, however, you can keep trays on tables to corral smaller items or give needed height to your lamp or other lighting source.

It is fun to experiment with lighting around your room to achieve the best look. In fact, your choice in lighting might just change the whole look of your home! Visit WalkingWood Creations at Canton first Mondays, or peruse the selection in our online store. We are sure you will find a beautiful way to light your home while making a statement.