Side tables and sofa consoles are often relegated to playing second fiddle in a living room, but their functionality and beauty can make them true show stoppers. It sounds simple, but different height and base styles can create confusion and lead to decorating dilemmas. Designers often mix and match materials, but executing this in your space can be a bit tricky. At WalkingWood Creations, we are all about eclectic style and natural beauty. We hope that the tips below can help you feel confident in your choice to do something a little different, while bringing God’s natural beauty into your space.

Height Matters

If your side tables are too tall or short, they can make your entire space look awkward. Our custom tables can be made to any height specifications you desire, with standard height varying between 22 and 30 inches. The surface area of your side tables should be just below or equal to the height of the sofa’s arms. Console tables are made to sit at a height even with the back of your couch. Coffee tables should fall just below the seat of your couch in height. All of these guidelines will provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal to your living space.

Create an Eclectic Space

Each WalkingWood Creation is handmade from found wood, so we rarely design pieces that are identical. Side tables and console tables do not have to match. In fact, the room is often seen as more comfortable and put together when they don’t! Choose pieces with similar size and visual weight to create harmony for the eye. It is also important to pay attention to the angles in the room. Mix round surfaces with sharp corners and different stain finishes for visual interest.

After your tables are in place, work on layering light sources to create an ambient glow. Task lighting is important, especially if you use your living area for reading. Think through the many different functions of your room to create the right mix of function and beauty for everyone to enjoy.

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