Bedroom furniture consists of a combination of larger pieces. For many, this can create an overwhelming design dilemma. WalkingWood Creations, however,  can work to create a truly unique feel to your bedroom with a custom headboard or rustic side tables.
Lay It Out
Your bedroom layout, as well as specific furniture needs, will depend on the size and shape of your room. A large rug can anchor your space and allow you to strategically place furniture into a cozy format. From here, you can turn your attention to bed placement. This is the piece in the room that can afford to be the largest showstopper, so experiment and add height and color with a unique headboard that functions as an art piece.
Add in Function
Storage is key in a bedroom, especially if you do not have large closets. Look for function in your side tables. Choose pieces with drawers, which allow for small items to be hidden away to lend tranquility to a space. For clothes, dressers or bureaus are common, but don’t let them overshadow your bed. Instead, these pieces should blend with the room without matching completely.
Bedroom sets are a trend of the past. Work to layer in different design elements to create an eclectic, collected look.
Add Extras
Once your larger items are placed, it’s time to add the extra elements that make the room specifically yours. Unique lamps can help you to create an ambient glow and work together with a comfy chair to create a reading nook. Think about adding a long bench at the foot of the bed or a small stool to the side to provide a place to sit while you remove your shoes. A desk can also be a welcome addition to bedrooms that have to work double duty as office space.
WalkingWood Creations would love to work with you to create a custom piece for your space, or you can peruse our current stock online.