Studies by scientists and psychologists alike have proven time and time again the importance of gathering around the dining room table. And, while it may seem a thing of the past, today’s families are coming back to the table and reaping the benefits. A recent CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) study shows that upwards of 59 percent of families surveyed have pledged to make dinner together a priority at least five nights a week. In today’s hectic times of sports and after school activities, prioritizing must come into play. But, how do you draw the family in to make a worthwhile connection?

Set a Feast

While you are eating, have a family plan to put away or limit electronics at the table. Face-to-face conversation is an important skill that is often best facilitated in the home. Many companies sell conversation cards, or you can set up your own plan for discussion. Some families play a simple game of high/low to get the conversation going: just ask your children to recount their best and worst moments from the day, and make sure to join in yourself!
The food does not have to be amazing for there to be a feast. Feasting is all about mood and ambiance. At WalkingWood Creations, we create custom dining tables built to lend a natural element to your dining room, while also being able to withstand the typical spills and mishaps that come with family. Our high quality stains are used to protect each natural barn wood creation, making them easy to wipe and care for. And, since we create each piece as a custom addition to your home it can be shaped specifically to fit your dining room and family size.

Set the Table

Our dining tables are often used for much more than eating. In fact, they are often the hub of the home where homework and science experiments collide. Have your children use trays to clear off or contain projects so they can be easily moved for eating. We sell a variety of trays that are stylish and functional for everyday life.

Clearing the table and setting it specifically for dinner can make a world of difference in your invitation to feast. Take the time to invite your family in to fully experience the time together. Use tablecloths and set out silverware and napkins prior to eating. When everything is at your fingertips, you will have fewer dinner interruptions.

At WalkingWood Creations, we hope that your family is able to incorporate some of these tips to enjoy dinnertime together. If you are interested in adding a custom rustic wood dining table to your decor, or need a side table or sofa table, please contact us.