Handcrafted trays
and table accents provide an easy way to layer your table to create the perfect presentation for guests. When you are entertaining, it is important to keep items functional, yet beautiful. You want ambiance without creating an environment that makes your guests feel like you are overworked and unable to participate in the fun.rustic-tray-stick-handles

Carry in Style

Nesting trays from WalkingWood Creations are perfect for presenting items in a beautiful manner, yet serve extreme functionality when carrying items to and from the dinner table. While many people think to use trays for serving, they can also be convenient for cleanup. Trays are a great way to carry used dishes back into the kitchen discreetly – so your guests can keep on talking while you get a head start on the tidying.

three-distressed-traysContain Your Centerpieces

Trays can add height and dimension to your centerpieces. Using a wood tray on a wood table top can lend a country feel, while adding a painted tray to your table can provide a more chic element. Add flowers and candles, or stack appetizers on raised cake plates to supplement height. If the items impede the conversation during dinner, the entire tray can easily be moved and then replaced once the plates are cleared.

Make Serving Easier

Lazy Susans add wonderful functionality to serving, especially in larger group settings. By placing several Lazy Susans down the center of your table, your guests are able to turn their way to the food they want – and negate the need for endless passing and interruptions. Our beautiful, rustic wood Lazy Susans glide smoothly and can add a natural element to your dinner table.

oak lazy susan

Contact us today to learn more about functional handcrafted trays and other barn wood décor for your table. WalkingWood Creations specializes in unique, handmade items that serve as art pieces for your home.