Flowers are often thought of as the quintessential Valentine’s Day present. Flowers are a very lovely gift, but wouldn’t it be nice to give a lasting impression? WalkingWood Creations handcrafts beautiful wood vases that will be a statement piece in your home for years to come. Each piece is refined to shine God’s true handiwork, and all of our home décor items are made from recycled barnwood or found pieces that provide uniqueness and beauty.

Arranging Flowers

Even store bought flowers can be complete stand-outs when arranged properly and set in a beautiful vase. To make a grocery store bouquet a total standout, just apply some tape. Yes, tape is the secret key to separating flowers in a wide mouth vase and allowing them all to shine equally. Just create a checkerboard pattern across the top of the vase and place a small selection of flowers into each square. This simple solution will totally change the way you look at off the rack flower arrangements!

It is also important to trim the ends of your stems to create varied heights and interest with your arrangement. There is not an exact science to this, simply ensure that you have a variety of heights in different flowers to create a show-stopping effect.

Call in an Expert

If you do not feel comfortable arranging flowers yourself, you can always enlist the help of a florist. But remember, you are not stuck with only their in-store vase selections. Most florists are happy to use a vase you provide allowing you the ability to give a gift that can be refilled with beauty for many years. Add a framed photo or other personal item for a complete gift that will be a wonderful addition to your home décor. 

WalkingWood Creations provides a wide variety of home décor gifting options for all holidays. Visit us at Canton’s First Monday Trade Days, or order online!